2023 WHRDA Summer Events! Registration Now Open!

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2023 WHRDA Summer Events! Registration Now Open!


July 1st to 8th, 2023

World Championships & Training Conference in Luxembourg!



The traditional annual gathering of Hwa Rang Do students, instructors, and masters is finally returning after the COVID era lockdowns & restrictions. Prior to the recent times, the WHRDA hosted 20+ years of consecutive annual summer events that allowed participants to train directly with our head Grandmasters.  The week long training conference is a precious opportunity to learn directly from the source of our art, Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his eldest son & heir Grandmaster Taejoon Lee.  While specific training topics for the sessions are still being considered, everyone will be sure to get to experience all aspects of the complete training system that is Hwa Rang Do.  There is always something for everyone - kick/punch striking, grappling/submissions, weapon fighting, plus high level details related to belt level curriculum.  Training from dawn to dusk everyday for a week is certainly an eye opening experience, especially when you are joined with other students and instructors from around the globe.

Of course the other big highlight of the event is the World Championship tournament!  There will be event divisions for all ages of children and adults and belt rank levels.  Facing the challenge of other global competitors certainly brings out one's potential.  Class training and practice is our ongoing grind of personal development, however, the spark of competition propels people to much greater heights as you are forged by the pressure of the experience.  Face you fears and expand as you step into the rings with your peers for a good spirited challenge!  The Hwa Rang Do World Championships is a true decathlon of the martial arts - Open Hand Forms, Weapon Forms, Kick-Punch-Throw Sparring, Grappling, Stick & Sword Fighting, plus Demonstrations.

Along with all of the amazing training and competition, it is important to also make sure to reconnect with our fellow martial art brothers and sisters. Share not only the journey of the event, but also the journey of life on the path of the Hwarang!  There will also be group dinners and a celebratory banquet combining with the action packed week bringing forth a depth of camaraderie for all attendees. 

Please make sure to get your passport renewed and save the dates for July 1st to 8th 2023.

See you in Luxembourg this summer!

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