Official Locations

Location Name State/Province Country Website URL Facebook Page License #
Hwa Rang Do Bergen op Zoom Branch Netherlands NET-01-003
Hwa Rang Do Downey/Norwalk Branch California United States USA-25-017
Hwa Rang Do EU HQ Luxembourg
Hwa Rang Do Genoa Branch Genova Italy IT-01-002
Hwa Rang Do Hoogerheide Branch Noord-Brabant Netherlands NET-01-004
Hwa Rang Do Korean HQ Seoul Teugbyeolsi Korea, Republic of KO-01-013
Hwa Rang Do La Crosse Branch Wisconsin United States
Hwa Rang Do Leon Mexico Branch Guanajuato Mexico MX-01-002
Hwa Rang Do Luxembourg Branch Luxembourg Luxembourg LUX-01-002
Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Branch Minnesota United States USA-20-001
Hwa Rang Do Online Global University
Hwa Rang Do Palermo Branch Italy IT-01-015
Hwa Rang Do Pisa Branch Pisa Italy IT-01-010
Hwa Rang Do River Falls Branch Wisconsin United States USA-25-010
Hwa Rang Do Roma - Centro Branch Roma Italy IT-01-013
Hwa Rang Do Roma - Ovest Branch Roma Italy IT-01-006
Hwa Rang Do Roma-Sud(EUR Ostia) Branch Roma Italy IT-01-009
Hwa Rang Do Rome - Fiano Romano Branch Roma Italy IT-01-004
Hwa Rang Do Rome - North Branch Roma Italy IT-01-003
Hwa Rang Do Rome Branch Roma Italy IT-01-001
Hwa Rang Do Sun Prairie Branch Wisconsin United States USA-25-001
Hwa Rang Do University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Branch Wisconsin United States USA-25-009
Hwa Rang Do Vlissingen Branch Netherlands NET-01-001
Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters California United States
Hwa Rang Do World HQ Branch California United States USA-01-001
World Hwa Rang Do Association - NPO California United States