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Welcome to our global Hwa Rang Do Community! 

We have thousands of students across the world dedicated to the warrior's path of self-improvement.  Becoming a "Flowering Knight" is a challenge that brings forth not only a healthy state of being, but also helps us all fulfill the unique potentials and destiny of our lives.  We welcome you to join the conversation and special training related to our art.  Here in this section of our website you will find our community forums, blogs, and news.

Pease note that your WHRDA association membership dues must be current in order to view and engage with the full sections contained here.  Also, while our general forums are open to registered users, we also have many other sections of forums available for people within special groups, ranks, or instructor status.  All of these sections will open automatically depending on your current involvement in training or instructor status.

Simply use the drop down selection of links above for the various community options.

Best wishes in your journey!


Dojoonim, Kuksanim, & The WHRDA Team