WHRDA 2019 Summer Events
World Championships, Seminars, & Black Sash Exams
Chianni, Italy
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We are currently updating the digital infastructure for the WHRDA.  Not only will you be able to manage your accounts & memberships with your dojang and register for special events, but there will also be enhanced online video training available!  This is exciting news, as you will be able to see your curriculum as you progress along your belt ranks.  We will be adding MANY additional features to this site on an ongoing basis, so stay tuned for more exciting developments!   We hope that you enjoy our newly enhanced site, and we wish you the best in your training!

Site Now in Final Testing Mode!

Good news everyone!  The development team has made a lot of progress the past couple months and have now entered into final testing mode of the site!  The features are lined up, and just have to find any bugs before we can launch to all of you.

2019 Summer Events in Italy!

It is our pleasure to announce that the next international Hwa Rang Do Events are coming this summer 2019, and will be held in:

Chianni - Pisa - Italy from Saturday 29th of June 2019 to Saturday 6th of July 2019.

Dates are:

- Saturday 29th of June, Hwa Rang Do Open Seminars.

- Sunday 30th of June and Monday 1st of July, World Championship Tournament