Minneapolis Academy Conducting Strike Day Camps

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Minneapolis Academy Conducting Strike Day Camps

It is official, Minneapolis School Teachers are going on strike starting tomorrow Tuesday 3/8. There is much unknown about the duration or other possible impacts to the school year, however, the Hwa Rang Do Academy will be hosting Strike Day Camps and additional Afterschool options for those in need.


We know so many of the families in our school have working parents, and even without that need, it is super critical that the children be occupied in productive ways and are well cared for with quality supervision. We have had many inquires about this already, so please be assured that we can certainly provide a day time camp that is productive! We will model the time in a similar way to our existing Afterschool, Summer Camps, and Release Day formats that we already provide. This means that martial art training workshops, games, play time, and other activities will be used to fill the day, and we are confident the kids will continue to have a good, meaningful experience in their time at our Academy.


Other items of note regarding Strike Day Camps:
•Timeframe = 9am to 2pm (doors open at 8:30am if early drop-off is needed)
•Kids must bring their own lunch
•A morning snack will be provided
•The Day Camps will be open to the Public and other Family Members! (Do not need to be a current student to participate, so feel free to spread the word to other families you know that are looking for options, K-8th Grade)
•Cost = $50 per day
*We will invoice on a weekly basis since the time frame is completely unknown.
•Strike Day Campers can also do extended time in our Afterschool Program
•Space is limited to 45 kids per day!


The TLK Afterschool Program will continue to run with our normal schedule – No changes to the normal routine will be made. We do have non-MPLS students enrolled in this program, and it would not be right to cancel the entire program due to a strike with an unknown duration. Plus so many of the kids have been training well and we do not want to interrupt the consistency of their growth & progressions and we also recognize the child care need. This means if you are not doing the Day Camp portion of the day you can feel free to drop your child off at the Academy for the same time period as when their school gets out (the Early or Late time period options based on your school’s bell time). Afterschool will continue to run until 6:30pm for last pickups.


Other Notes:
•If you are normally a Late school student, you can drop at the Early Time slot for an additional $7.50 per day.
•Strike Day Campers can simply continue through Afterschool Times on their normal days (Early or Late Programs and no additional fees).
-If you want to add an Afterschool day slot (2pm to as late as 6:30pm), that is NOT on one of your normally scheduled days OR if you are a non-current public person wanting the additional care & programming during the Afterschool timeframe, an additional $25 per day will be the cost for this additional programming.
•New Public Students can purchase a martial art uniform to participate in the training sessions ($45)


Registration must be done online here:


NOTE: Only signed-in website users can access this event's registration system. If you are new to our school and need an account please follow the instructions by clicking here to register yourself and your household children. https://hwarangdo.org/new-account-setup-steps

If you run into any problems please email our staff at office@hwarangdomn.com for clarification.


We understand that this is a big challenge for everyone, and we will do our best to alleviate some of the stress and make sure that the kids can have a productive good time with the camps.


Best always,
Master Sirny
The Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy

News Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 8, 2022 - 1:04am
Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Branch