WHRDA 2022 Annual Awards and Tournament Winners

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WHRDA 2022 Annual Awards and Tournament Winners

The WHRDA wrapped up a fantastic weekend of online seminar training with Dojoonim & Kuksanim on July 9th & 10th!

It was a nice gathering of students and instructors from around the world participating in the training sessions. Most students were able to attend at their local Academy or Club locations and were able to train with their peers on the mats, however, there were also many people that logged into the sessions while on holiday or up at their cabins.

Along with the training sessions, the Annual WHRDA Awards were presented along with the results from this year's Digital Championship Tournament.  Please see the PDFs of the results below.

Otherwise, wonderful job everyone, and we will see you in Luxembourg next year 2023 for the return of the in-person World Championships and week long training conference!


WHRDA Annual Student & Instructor Awards

Open Hand Form & Tiger Basics - Tournament Results

Weapon Form - Tournament Results

Self-Defense - Tournament Results

Demonstration - Tournament Results


Congratulations to the recipients of the School Spirit Awards!
1st Place = Genoa Academy
2nd Place = Roma - Central Academy
3rd Place = Luxembourg Club


Great job everyone!  Keep training hard!


News Release Date: 
Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 6:04pm
Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters
World Hwa Rang Do Association - NPO
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