WHRDA 2021 Annual Awards

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WHRDA 2021 Annual Awards

Below is a list of global annual awards from the World Hwa Rang Do® Association.

Best Loyalty

The essence of the martial virtue Loyalty is demonstrated by an individual’s dedication to their martial art.  The foundation of this mentality is such that the individual’s spirt and actions promote the general well being of their art through positive endeavors.

The above individual has given his selfless support and service to Hwa Rang Do on countless occasions, and is a model of the martial art virtue Loyalty.

Dylan Sirny

Marco Mattiucci

Alex Krijger

Simon Lee

Jesus Hernandez

Giuseppe Catania

Francesco Biancuzzi

Giuseppe Morelli

Outstanding Instructor

While each path is unique, the truth and the principles of the Hwarang Way have a singular resonance.  As an individual moves through the progression of ranks, it forges and strengthens the character of the self in its totality so that one can best impart the truth to others no matter the opposition and the struggles.  It is leading and teaching through example and self-sacrifice to aid, transform, empowering one person at a time, which effects will ripple through eternity.  This award is to recognize the outstanding efforts and dedication shown by the above Instructor for bettering the world by preserving and furthering Hwa Rang Do, teaching to the next generation.

Heather Klug (Minneapolis)

Daniel LaFave (Minneapolis)

Mike Kuyper (NL)

Roberto Cesca (Lux)

Outstanding Sunbae

Within any society, there is a hierarchy.  As an individual learns and grows, one begins to move up in this hierarchy gaining privilege and responsibility.  As one moves up, you should never forget where you originally came from, and show compassion for those below you in rank.

The above individual continually acts as a responsible, caring, and motivating older brother or sister to fellow students, exemplifying what it means to be a Sunbae.

Salvador Tinajero (Norwalk)

Gerald Rutledge (Norwalk)

Dr. Tommy Meng (HQ)

Evan Meng (HQ)

Siria Saglibene (Italy)

Annalisa Trò (Italy)

Szymon Mirocha (Lux)

Veronique Meehee Wilhelm (Lux)

Giancarlo Melica (Italy)

Andrea Carbone (Italy)

Cesare Cheli (Italy)

Best Support

Just as a house cannot stand without its foundation, the supporting members of a martial art program are key to ensuring a vibrant and long-lasting tradition.

This kind of dedication is crucial, and the above individual has taken steps above and beyond the call of duty in demonstrating his or her support to Hwa Rang Do.

Giulia Felicetti (Italy)

Maria Luisa Medelin (Italy)

Mauro Capocci (Italy)

Pietro Picconi (Italy)

Alessio Baiocco (Italy)

Kristina VanOverbeke (Minneapolis)

Matt Parrish (Minneapolis)

C. Travis Webb (HQ)

Laura Witjes (NL)

Nandar Witjes (NL)

Nick Tjia (NL)

Ervin Thomas (RF)

Nate Goree (RF)

Sabina De Paris (Lux)

Margherita Oddo (Italy)

Eugenio Molfese (Italy)

Donato Gallone (Italy)

Alessio Bertini (Italy)

Most Improved

Every human being has strengths and weaknesses.  On the path of personal development, one must first see what one’s weaknesses are and then make a conscious decision to overcome these with determination and action.

The above individual has taken an honest look inward, and has taken significant strides in a forward direction.

Claire Davey (Lux)

Perseverance Award

Trials and tribulations are commonplace on the path to success.  The ability to not only endure, but to thrive amongst life’s struggles is what distinguishes excellence from the superficial realm of mediocrity.

The above individual has demonstrated the capacity to persevere and realize success.

Niels de Nooijer (NL)

Alina Cole (Minneapolis)

Luca Gelati (Italy)

Maura Floris (Italy)

Romina Montanari (Italy)

Simone Negro (Italy)

Davide Pizzo (Italy)

Francesco Morelli (Italy)

Joe Coughlin (River Falls)


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Wednesday, August 4, 2021 - 2:46am
Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters
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