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Master Sirny
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Hello, welcome to the official Hwa Rang Do Online Forums!

This space is dedicated to all discussions related to our art, history, philosophy, training, techniques, teaching, and management.  Please note the following important aspects of the forum:

  1. You must be a logged in user to post in the forum.
  2. Based upon your role within the community you will gain access to additional sections of the forums based on your user account.  For instance there are special sections for instructors, TGT, and staff.  All sections of the forum you are authorized to access will show automatically.  If you feel that you cannot access certain sections for your role, please contact your direct instructor or supervisor to make any necessary changes to your account.
  3. Only people with currently active WHRDA memberships are allowed within the Training Forum Sections.  To check your status or purchase this membership please CLICK HERE.
  4. Please make sure to place your new topics in the proper forum categories so that the discussions can remain organized.
  5. Lastly, please also mind your manners, etiquette, and respectful courtesy with all community members.  Even though this is an online space, it is still a reflection of the mats within our dojangs.

Best wishes to all, Hwarang!