WHRDA 2021 Annual Seminars

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Annual Online Seminars


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It is truly unfortunate that we were not able to meet in person through our Annual Seminars and Conferences for the last two years. However, we must press-on and this year we will hold an online seminar for one day on Sunday July 11, 2021

Kuksanim – Handwork : Striking, Defense , Counters in Close-in Fighting for Full Contact and Yongtoogi
In this Session Kuksanim will cover striking in-close fighting, blocking, ducking, parrying, weaving, and rolling for maximize your pugilist techniques for improved sparring and fighting.

  • Open to all students of all ranks.
  • Times:
    • EU - 16:00 ~ 17:30
    • USA Los Angeles – 7:00am ~ 8:30am
    • USA Midwest – 9:00am ~ 10:30am
  • Fee: 60€ / $70

Dojoonim – Kiap Chagi
In this Session Dojoonim will review all the various Kiap Chagi within HRD for Ki Power Development and Health.

  • Open to all students and we encourage your family and friends to join in as no experience is necessary as well as being beneficial to everyone, especially the elderly).
  • Times:
    • EU - 18:00 ~ 19:30
    • USA Los Angeles – 9:00am ~ 10:30am
    • USA Midwest – 11:00am ~ 12:30pm
  • Fees: 60€ / $70 

Fees: 60€ / $70 for one session; 100€ / $120 for both sessions