Grandmaster Taejoon Lee End of Year Message 2022

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Grandmaster Taejoon Lee End of Year Message 2022

“The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom”

Proverbs 9:10


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee’s End of Year Message:

When you have studied history, ancient and modern, and observed attentively to current events from a wide perspective, you will find that humans have always and still do struggle for power and influence so that they can carry out their master plan to save the world. However, at each turn the solutions they come up with only creates more problems, which in turn emboldens the ones subsequently in power to once again become the new saviors of the world. This cycle of pain, suffering, and tragedy creating the desire for relief and the promise of a better future keeps the pseudo-saviors in business.


It is impossible to create perfection from imperfection and since, human beings are imperfect creatures, it is impossible for human beings to generate a perfect solution, a perfect outcome. The best can only be the better of two evils. And, even if it were possible to rid the world of pain and suffering, it would never happen as there would be no need for people of power, conglomerates, and governments to be of value in society. It is our human nature to take credit for things done well and to blame for things gone bad. Therefore, in good times they will desire less governess, interference, and change; whereas when things are bad, they will blame externally and want the ones in power to make it better. Calamity and doom are necessary as a means to motivate, collectivize, and immobilize the people with purpose and goal and empowers the few that are in control to take advantage and capitalize on the cries of the people.


If there’s anything we have learned from the pandemic it should be that we as a human society are easily controlled with fear and the current available technologies allow for immediate global control. Just as we were cleared from the alleged life-threatening virus and the crippling repercussions of the lockdowns, we immediately are confronted with the proposed dooming effects of climate change, and through the war in Ukraine as the further scapegoat of the power crisis which then allowed the globalists to accelerate their green initiative through their power and influence of governments, now have gained control of the people’s power consumption.


The gas prices are skyrocketing; governments and municipalities are proposing fines and taxes for carbon emissions by consumption of fossil fuels; we’re moving towards digital passports and digital currencies which then tracks everything that we do and consume in preparation for social crediting; they have even gone as far as re-writing the sacred ten-commandments to fit climate change on top of Mount Sinai, blaspheming God, to only list a few of the current events which to a common person uninfected by the algorithms of social media is outlandish, insane, and illogical. However, to the ones in power, the pseudo saviors of the world, it is the perfect storm.


Who benefits from these changes? Surely, it’s not the people. The oil companies have enjoyed historical profits; governments and municipalities will be richer through taxation; the rich can afford it and can adapt; new money markets are created for the capitalists to enjoy; it’s only the poor and the meek who will suffer as well as the draining, straining middle class who will be sucked dry from both ends. However, to the globalists who fear over-population to be the number one problem of the world, this is just a form of natural selection of the evolutionary process, the survival of the fittest. The rich and powerful both private and conglomerate will always profit from human suffering and hardship, both in good times and in bad times, from pleasure and pain.


Furthermore, through this proposed preposterous climate crisis, they will shut down more than 3,000 farms in the Netherlands who are the second-largest exporter of agricultural products only behind the United States as well as being Europe’s biggest exporter of meat. Even after the miserable failure of the Sri Lankan government going green banning fertilizer for farming, both the Netherlands and Canada are doing the same with many other nations following suit. Meanwhile, in the United States Bill Gates have been busy buying up farmland and is now the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States owning more than 242,000 acres worth more than $690 million as well as being the majority shareholder in companies Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, John Deere manufacturers of farming equipment along with owning thousands of patents on genetically modified foods. It’s obvious and clear that they are moving to control the global food supply. Everything is being centralized. Henry Kissinger’s famous quote is not just a quote but a plan that’s come to fruition.


“Who controls the food supply controls the people;

who controls the energy can control whole continents;

who controls money can control the world.”

Henry Kissinger


Our pride and ego derived from the advancements of technology in the 20th, 21st century through science and secularization, which have produced easier living has blurred and distorted our human perspective. After professedly ridding the world of slavery, reducing the deaths by killer diseases, liberated from religious dogma, diminished the oppression of women, blossomed the sexual revolution, in recent times, the arrogant god-defiant world attempts its final emancipation from God attacking the very nature of man and woman. However, has anything really changed?


“That which has been is what will be,

That which is done is what will be done,

And there’s nothing new under the sun.

 Ecclesiastes 1:9


The World Economic Forum has announced their solution to better the world in the aftermath of the recent so-called Pandemic, “The Great Reset.” In its proposal it reintroduces global slavery with a new twisted yet attractive slogan, “You’ll own nothing, but you’ll be much happier for it.” However, this time slavery is not by force but through voluntary choice all in the name of reducing the human carbon footprint to save the world from the impending doom of manmade climate catastrophe with the doomsday being ever so fluid and transitory to state mildly. For the last 50 years all 41 of the eco-apocalypse predictions by experts have the perfect record of being wrong 41 times.


To put things into perspective, the common middle-class families and young single people are all in on the new fad of downsizing to reduce the carbon footprint by living in small containers or vans, much like self-imposed prison cells deluding themselves to think that they possess more freedom to travel and proud of their proactive social activism to partake in the saving of the world. Meanwhile, private jet sales are increasing with predictions of $162.1 billion from 2021 to 2025 with the compound annual growth of 7.4 percent; the private luxury yachts sales have increased from $6.5 billion in 2019 to estimated $14,58 billion in 2030; all luxury items have increased in sales and the mega mansions are only increasing in size. Recently, Jeff Bezos purchased a super yacht from the largest yacht manufacture in the Netherlands costing $500 million which is so large it cannot even get out of the harbor in Rotterdam due to a bridge blocking its way, so he proposed to pay for dismantling the historical bridge which was protested by the local community. It is now being dismantled to be reassembled somewhere else. Really?! What is the yacht for? I promise you nothing good and all that for one man. We must put things into proper perspective and see the truth amidst all this insanity.


In our pursuit of absolute freedom, we have become slaves of own folly and pride. We have abandoned God so that we can achieve apotheosis, surrendering not to an omnipotent, omniscient, perfect God but to an impotent, ignorant, imperfect human power.


To use the analogy of sheep and wolves by Nietzsche, he says that sheep wants the wolves to be more sheepish, but wolves don’t want sheep to be wolfish. The sheep wants everyone to be more like them, less aggressive and threatening and be more harmless and weaker, desiring to remain in large numbers and not be a loner. Whereas the wolf doesn’t want more wolves as that creates more competition for food and survival. So, for the wolves they never interfere in sheep turning wolves into sheep and in fact, they will kill and eat the weakest or sickest member of the pack if given the opportunity. Therefore, for the wolf it is an ideal situation when the sheep creates and wants more sheep and there are less wolves to compete with. This is what our society has turned into as we attempt to rid the world of warriors, abolish so-called patriarchy, shun masculinity as toxic, ridding of binary gender, turning hunter carnivores to prey herbivores, opposing any opposition by flocking together in numbers, cancelling and deplatforming as the most powerful wolves sit back and watch the lesser wolves to perish and the numbers of sheep enhance, creating more food, more wealth, and more power for the few, the fittest.


Any human power unrestrained is a danger and a threat to humankind and can only lead to self-proclaimed godhood, which can only result in evil as “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It is the fear in God that restrains us all from the deep darkness that lies in all human beings.  


My end of year message is a simple one, no one man or countless many can ever save the world! The Way, the Truth and the Life rests in only One who is beyond human and is perfect in every way.


Secondly, to use an old Eastern proverb as the basis of my message:


“It is better to be a Warrior in a garden than be a gardener in War.”


“With faith and the fear of God, you can continue to garden in war.”


I pray that you will be strong in mind, body, and spirit; be vigilant, awake, and aware at all times; exercise wisdom and constantly seek for truth; practice humility, but never follow the flock ignorant and fearful; and avoid being prideful and haughty. This is the way of the Hwarang, “The Flowering Knights.”


With Love, Hwarang Forever and God Bless,

See you all in 2023 Luxembourg!

News Release Date: 
Sunday, December 18, 2022 - 12:16pm
World Hwa Rang Do Association - NPO