2022 Forward March!

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2022 Forward March!

As we enter the new year there are many things near our horizon. Of course, many people are motivated to push their training to the next level, so remember, the most important aspect of your training routine is staying focused on being consistent! We know that new year's resolutions are helpful to get the ball rolling, however, staying consistent on a regular routine of training is what builds the momentum of snowballed results. Little-by-little, step-by-step, day-by-day is how significant growth occurs so make sure that along with charting a few specific goals and milestones to shoot for, it is just as important to chart a reasonable schedule for you to stick to! Stick to that routine for just 30-45 days and you are sure to be out of any old ruts and now marching forward on the path to success!

I also wanted to take a quick moment to update you as to some of the many plans that the World Hwa Rang Do® Association (WHRDA) is currently working on. This year you can expect to see:

Online Enhancements:

  • As we continue to grow the hwarangdo.org platform there will be even more training opportunities than there are now. Currently all Tae Soo Do students have access to their curriculum, and we are working on adding the Hwa Rang Do Color Sash material.
  • The Cyberdojang will also continue to grow with the addition of specialized training topics directly from Kuksanim. This is actually a MASSIVE archive of seminar & workshop material from the past that will be combined with additional new material. As we work on organizing the content, it is hard to believe how much material is available along with how complete & comprehensive our martial art is!
  • The online Community Forums are expected to launch in February, and will include a variety of sections related to training, history, philosophy, and teaching. We look forward to the discussions for our global community.
  • The Dojangmanager for our school operations will also be enhanced. Instructors and Staff can look forward to additional features such as class attendance, membership processing, and local event management.

Non-Profit endeavors:

  • The start of official funding drives for the Scholarship Campaigns related to general training will also be opened in February. We hope to build a healthy fund to help people on a need & merit basis to get into training, along with a fund for the instructor training vocational program as well.
  • There is also additional work going on related to organizational development and connections to various foundations.  

Other items:

Best wishes to you and your family for the coming year! I hope you see many positive results through your consistent training!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022 - 6:03pm
World Hwa Rang Do Association - NPO
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