Reflections of a Champion Part 2

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Reflections of a Champion Part 2


I started practicing Hwa Rang Do® because my mom wanted me to be more self-confident and be able to defend myself. I was a shy little girl who had hard times participating in my kindergarten plays. During my first Tae Soo Do® class I cried. I remember initially it was so strange to kick and punch, but in a short time I was hooked! I started training Tae Soo Do® with my dad when I was 6 and training together helps us support and push each other to improve.

Over the years I have changed quite dramatically. I’m more confident and determined, my training has helped me reach goals that seemed impossible before. Tae Soo Do® is not a game for children, it trains little warriors, we study how to use weapons, how to fight and how to put bullies in their place if necessary, but also how to be kind, have compassion and care about other people.

During the exams and the championships, I was a bit scared, but my training has helped me overcome these difficulties, and now I have wonderful memories of my experiences to share with my friends and family. I am now a member of the TGT (Teuk Gong Team / Special Forces) and I’m very happy. For a long time I trained my dolls the ways of Tae Soo Do®, but now I have the opportunity to help my instructors and the other kids. We are a beautiful team and I hope we will all reach the goal of black belt.

Hwarang Forever!

Julia Regazzoni

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Friday, October 1, 2021 - 6:43pm
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