Reflections of a Champion Part 1

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Reflections of a Champion Part 1

Hwarang everybody!

I started my practice in Hwa Rang Do® 6 years ago, thanks to a friend of mine who has practiced since childhood. Initially, all my motivation was oriented towards improving my physical appearance, being driven by my insecurities. Growing up I have learned to overcome this attitude, and today I believe that it is my healthy self-esteem that allows me to train and practice consistently. Through the Hwa Rang Do training, I am now motivated by my improved self-awareness to be able to recognize my personal weaknesses and now having been empowered, I am able to overcome them and also embrace all the challenges that Hwa Rang Do® represents as well as life as opportunities for growth. Every weak point I find within myself becomes a stronger reason to sacrifice and work harder, rather than making excuses.

During the preparation for the tournament, it was fundamental for me to not only compare myself with my fellow practitioners but lend support and encouragement in our school’s pursuit for excellence. Even more valuable than this was the opportunity to participate weekly in the Global Online Classes with Kuk Sa Nim (Grandmaster Taejoon Lee), having this direct communication with our Grandmaster not only pushed me to seek growth in my techniques and in my way of practicing but has also clarified any doubts I had about the championships.

During this last period, the rules to follow due to the pandemic meant that my training was mainly focused on the forms, and my goal was not to limit myself to a physical execution of the techniques but to involve an emotional component that could do justice to the artistic aspect of the forms. This type of work has made me much more aware of my weaknesses and of how much I still have to learn. Although I hope that soon we will be able to train fully again in Hwa Rang Do® with our techniques, sparring, and grappling, I am grateful to our Martial Art for encouraging me to practice and grow even in limiting situations.

I think this is one of the most important lessons I have acquired from Hwa Rang Do® so far, knowing that in every situation it is possible to find a way to overcome our problems, allowing me to face each day with more positivity, which motivates me to act without being overwhelmed emotionally.

Hwarang Forever!

Annalisa Tro’

News Release Date: 
Friday, October 1, 2021 - 5:45pm
Hwa Rang Do Academy Genova
Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters