Opening a Hwa Rang Do School During the Covid-19 Pandemic!

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Opening a Hwa Rang Do School During the Covid-19 Pandemic!


I am Kyo Sa Nim Mauro Capocci, Instructor of Hwa Rang Do® & Tae Soo Do® Club Rome West and a direct student of the Italian Branch Head Instructor Susuk Sa Bum Nim Marco Mattiucci.

2020 has been a truly challenging and difficult year for everyone in the world. Especially in Italy, we have had one of the most strenuous times in recent history due to the Covid-19 pandemic. My wife, Kyo Sa Nim Maria Luisa Medelin and I have taught Tae Soo Do® and Hwa Rang Do® in our individual clubs, separately for almost 16 years. During the winter of 2020, thanks to Grandmaster Taejoon Lee's guidance and support, we made a decision to join forces and step up our commitment to create a  single unified Hwa Rang Do® School. It was a huge risk to undertake during these hard, uncertain times, but our hard work and dedication has paid off and it has been a success!

Beginning in January of 2021, we now have an official Hwa Rang Do® School with 7 different classes, 3 for junior students, 3 for teen/adult students and one specific class for Teuk Gong Team (TGT) Members and Instructors. Our leaders have always told us that Hwarang Warriors give their best in battle, facing death, doubts, and fears, always outnumbered by greater enemies, but always victorious. We have always been taught that Fighting because you are certain of victory is not courageous, however, knowing that you might lose, but you still fight on, that is true Hwarang Spirit. So, we just trusted in our leaders, believed in ourselves and did what we felt was right for our students and for Hwa Rang Do®. We learned once again not to allow our fears and doubts to dictate our lives, but in our belief and faith in our convictions.

Hwarang forever!

Kyo Sa Nim Mauro Capocci

Hwa Rang Do® & Tae Soo Do® Club Rome West

WHRDA - Italian Branch

News Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 3:56pm
Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters