Persevering Through the Pandemic

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Persevering Through the Pandemic

This period of the Global Pandemic has certainly altered our rhythms, both in our personal lives and in our martial arts practice. The social distancing and strict rules have had a tremendous negative impact on our methods of training, but as Hwarang Warriors we had to find a way to keep our group together despite these difficulties; after all, it’s during this kind of situation that the Hwarang Spirit that we seek and train for are truly tested.

We were no longer able to train at our Dojang, the home where we train together with our brothers and sisters, but with the guidance and strong leadership of our Instructor Giuseppe Catania he kept us on the path, focused on our goals of always improving ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. In spite of the challenges and the divide which it created, we found ourselves together, focusing on the techniques and mental practices of Hwa Rang Do®, each of us in our own personal Dojang, through the online classes.

We quickly adapted to the situation, working hard and motivating our students to always give their best and embrace the challenges and lessons taught by our Grandmaster. They carried out their actions as a true example of their commitment and dedication to their practice and their lives as a Hwarang. We want to thank our Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, our Masters, Susuk Sa Bum Nim Mattiucci, Sa Bum Nim Catania and all of our Instructors for their dedication, the example they give us, and for enlightening our path through these dark times.

Hwarang Forever!

Siria Saglibene 

Staff member of Hwa Rang Do® Genoa Academy

News Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 3:06pm
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