Letter from Dojoonim - True Purpose of HRD

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Letter from Dojoonim - True Purpose of HRD

First, I want to express my immense joy and gratitude to be able to see my wonderful Hwa Rang Do family and share this historical moment during these crazy, unstable times.

My message to you is that we as Hwarang must never forget who we are and why we practice and train daily in this beautiful art.

Hwa Rang Do is not a sport, it is not a hobby, it is not even a way of life, it is LIFE!

For me, I have dedicated my entire life for this single cause, to spread the knowledge and the ways of the Hwarang to as many people in the world as I can, and I will never stop until I die.

You must never forget why you train!

You thought it was for the techniques, the kicks, and punches, for the fighting, for the weapons, for exercise, then you are wrong.

It is for our code, our morality, the Hwa Rang Do O Kae and the Kyohoon!

Especially in these times, where our society, governments, and culture are destroying the loyalties to country, to family, and creating division through hatred, confusion, and selfishness, we must stand firm to our ways. Traditions, Morality, do not exist because they are archaic, old-fashioned, or outdated; they exist because they have been tested by time and have been forged from the will of God. Truths do not change, but they will always be challenged.

If you love Hwa Rang Do, then you must believe and follow its code, its morality, its way of life. These values of loyalty, honor, respect, courage, humility, and self-sacrifice are being challenged by our modern culture and to believe and stand by these principles are considered revolutionary today. Then we must be the revolution!

Truth and what is Right must be guarded, protected, and preserved. That is why we train, so that we can have the strength to defend, persevere, and prevail when attacked by the evil that is in the world. So, never fear as fear is your worst enemy and as the ancient Hwarang Warriors were first taught the Hwarang Okae, arm yourself by studying and understanding our Code of Honor. Then, live by them, practice them, and teach them to others by your example.

Have courage! Courage is not fighting knowing that you can win, courage is fighting knowing that you may lose, but you fight because you believe in the Truth. Susuk Sabum Marco Mattiucci is a great example of the Hwarang Spirit!


I congratulate you, all the Italian Instructors, Students and all the Hwarangdoists, and Taesoodoists throughout the World, who remain loyal, never giving up, never quitting and remain faithful to our cause, our way of life.


I love you all very much and hope to see you for many more years to come.


Hwarang forever and God bless all of you!





News Release Date: 
Thursday, July 29, 2021 - 12:32pm
Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters