Luxembourg Musa Challenge 2024

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Second Musa Challenge - Interschool Championships in Luxembourg 28 April 2024 in Strassen

MUSA CHALLENGE - The title of this event is the “Musa Challenge” and the term “Musa” in Korean means warrior (or more literally “martial person”).

This Tournament will challenge all participants on their total package of skills, as there will be competitions in weapon forms, open hand forms/basics, grappling, sparring, Gumtoogi Jang Gum & Open, Bongtoogi Jang Bong & Open


Registration starts at 8h00 

Tournament: 9h00 - 17h00 


National Martial Arts Hall,  297, rue de Reckenthal L-2410 Strassen 

Registration Deadlines

Early registration: 1 February 00:00 until 29 February 2024 at 23h59:

1 Division: 15€ + additional one 10€ 

Registration: 1 March at 00:00 until 31 March at 23h59: 

1 Division: 20€ + additional one 10€ 

Late Registration: 1 April 2024 00h00 until 27 April 2024 23h59:

1 Division 25€ + additional one 15€



For all TSD/HRD Students

1. Open Hand Forms or Basics (Basics for Little Tigers only )

2. Weapon Form 

3. Sparring

4. Grappling

For Students in Mugi Daeryun Class  with Armor

5. Gumtoogi - Janggum 

6. Gumtoogi - Open 

7. Bongtoogi - Jangbong 

8. Bongtoogi - Open 

Every student must compete at least in Open Hand Form (Basics for Little Tigers), Grappling and Sparring


Requirements for Weapon Form ( JUNIORS & ADULTS ONLY)

students who are Yellow Belts must compete in Ssangjyelbong Hyung

Students who are Blue belts must compete in Jangbong Hyung

Students who are Half Black must compete in Janggum Hyung 


!!!All other ranks if they know the weapon form, they are encouraged to participate but the above must compete in weapon forms 


Train hard, and prepare for a great day of Hwarang action!

Hwa Rang Do Club Luxembourg

April 28th, 2024 8:00 AM
297, rue de Reckenthal
Strassen, LU 2410-L
Event Fee(s)
Event Fee
1 Division Events €20.00
2 Division Events €30.00
3 Division Events €40.00
4 Division Events €50.00
5 Division Events €60.00
6 Division Events €70.00
7 Division Event €80.00
8 Event Division €90.00
Select Divisions
Open Hand Froms OR Basics (Tigers)
Weapon Forms
Gumtoogi Janggum
Gumtoogi Open
Bongtooi Jangbong
Bongtoogi Open
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Event Host Location
Event Host Hwa Rang Do Luxembourg Branch