Luxembourg Promotional Exam - October 2023

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Register for the October 2023 Promotional Exam
On the 22nd October 2023, there will be the next Promotional Exam at D’Coque.
Only the Belt test Students are tested at D’Coque.
NOTICE!! The tip test students will be tested in our dojang in BELAIR on Thursday, 19 October 2023 for Adults and on Friday, 20 October 2023 for Little Tigers & Juniors
What is the difference between Tip & Belt Test?
The Tip test is approximately half of your belt program, it is for free and all students have to successfully pass the Tip Test before get access to the Belt Test (where you will actually receive a new belt in case of success). The Program for your Tip & Belt Tests are included in your Sung Gong Journal and on> Cyberdojang --> Tae Soo Do Cyberdojang 
How do I apply for my Tip or Belt Test?
1)  A recommendation list was sent out to you, if your name is not listed and you wish to test, please ask your instructor first if you're ready to test. 
2) If so, please register & pay the Fees on this online form following instructions. A pdf is sent to you in the Email. 
3) For all tip & testing students, please fill out the printed Belt Test Application sent to you in the email. 
4) For Little Tigers & Juniors Belt Test (not Tip Test), please get the Personal Conduct Profile filled out by parents and school teachers. This must be turned in prior to the actual exam. You can find the Personal Conduct in the emails attached.
5) Please give your printed test application and your personal conduct ( only for Little Tigers & Juniors ) to your Instructors in class before the deadline of Friday, 13 October 2023
Belt Exam Schedule
2, rue Léon Hengen
L-1745 Luxembourg 
( Family and Friends welcome )
Exam Time: 14h30-16h30 (if is a very large exam, the end time may change, please be flexible for large exams, Thank you ) 
Meeting Time for Little Tigers, Juniors: 13h45
Adults: 14h45
Prepare all you need for the test: Clean Dobok, sewed on Patches, Weapon (if needed), Sparring Gears mandatory for all TSD Orange Belt and above, Grappling Dobok & Rash Guard (mandatory for Teens & Adults: Green and above
Belt Exam Participants: Please bring a pen and be prepared for a written Exam.
The Belt Promotions are important experiences that challenge the participant to perform at a high level and recognizes the hard work they do improving over time through their regular training. Confidence is built through the journey over overcoming obstacles! 
We are a class of warriors, do not forget! 
Other Notes:
If a student's WHRDA Membership has expired, it will need to be renewed prior to the test; this can be done under the "My WHRDA Memberships"tab. If you’d like more information about the belt test, please reference the “Belt Promotions” portion of the Survival Guide under “Resources” in your online account at Students can also reference all of their belt curriculum in the "Tae Soo Do Cyberdojang" under ”Cyberdojang”. Please be sure that you or your child is putting in some extra practice at home to help maximize preparedness for the exam.
Each belt exam is a milestone, and the test experience is designed to bring forth the latent potential inside each of our students by facing our fears and striving for increased capacity through action!
Best wishes to all candidates!
The Hwa Rang Do Club Luxembourg
For more information:
October 22nd, 2023 2:30 PM
National Sports and Culture Center - d'Coque
2 Rue Leon Hengen
Luxembourg, LU 1745
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Event Fee(s)
Tae Soo Do Belt Test Fees
TSD Orange Belt $50.00
TSD Yellow Belt $50.00
TSD Green Belt $60.00
TSD Purple Belt $60.00
TSD Blue Belt $60.00
TSD Brown Belt $70.00
TSD Red Belt $70.00
TSD Half-Black Belt $70.00
Hwa Rang Do Sash Test Fee
Orange Sash $80.00
Yellow Sash $80.00
Green Sash $90.00
Purple Sash $90.00
Blue Sash $90.00
Brown Sash $100.00
Red Sash $100.00
Half-Black Sash $100.00
Event Host Location
Event Host Hwa Rang Do Luxembourg Branch