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We are currently updating the digital infrastructure for the WHRDA.  Not only will you be able to manage your accounts & memberships with your dojang and register for special events, but there will also be enhanced online video training available!  This is exciting news, as you will be able to see your curriculum as you progress along your belt ranks.  We will be adding MANY additional features to this site on an ongoing basis, so stay tuned for more exciting developments!   We hope that you enjoy our newly enhanced site, and we wish you the best in your training!

Feel free to register to the site, and then go to the MANAGE MY INFO page to add your self, your household, and any children to your account.  That way you will be able to register for training and all future events seemlessly!


Master Dylan Sirny


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Hwarang Sir,

Thank you for all your hard work.  This is a very important website that will help me to continue my training and become a better student and instructor. 

It has been very difficult and expensive to travel Headquarters for training each month.  I have been staying at a Tae Soo Do students RV, but am no longer doing so.  

I will still be traveling to headquarters once a month for training, but not as often as I have been when the site is fully ready with video for review and it will also help me to be able to grown my school by creating a schedule for classes.

Thank you for your time Master Sirny.

Hwarang Forever! 

KBN, Juanita Woodworth 

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Hello and thanks for the note!  We have been able to make a lot of progress on the system recently so launch to all students world wide is coming SOON!

Hwarang Sir, 

Thank you for the updates, and thank you for your hard work. 


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Hwarang sir.

Thank you for your hard work to get this up and running.  I am looking forward to seeing continue to grow and develop!

And I am very happy to see the forms back!


Trevor Hanson