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Welcome to the WHRDA Article Archive!

Below you will find various magazine articles and news publications in which Hwa Rang Do or our teachers have been featured. In most cases you will need to click into the article to see a PDF for the full article in its completed form with original photos as it appeared in print.

You can also sort and filter the articles in this archive by Source Publication or by Featured Instructor or by Subject Tags. In the filters below feel free to use one, any, or all of the options that are available in order to refine your search query.

Happy Reading everyone!

Note: This archive currently contains articles that were published between 2014-2020. We are currently in the process of updating this archive with older publications, and we will also post new articles here as they come out.

Magazine Covers

Release Date: January 1981
Featured: Dojoonim Dr. Joo Bang Lee, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee