The Hwarang's Path - Humility part 2

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The Hwarang's Path - Humility part 2

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August, 2020
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In the secular world, we try to give ourselves value and worth by stating causality and with such grand theories as the Butterfly Effect – that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings thousands of miles away can cause a tsunami; that even the smallest changes can create a ripple effect resulting in large changes. It gives the individual an illusion of hope and purpose to think no matter how small or insignificant they are, that they somehow through their actions have helped directly, but mostly indirectly many people and made the world a better place, bringing some sense of momentary contentment. Although this thought might be comforting, we fail to examine the inverse effect. In the same way all of the smallest actions we choose can create the opposite affect of indirectly negatively impacting the world and making it a worse place. However, our mind cleverly avoids the contemplation of our ill actions forcing it deeper into our subconscious, protecting our fragile egos. PDF link below to view full article.

Hwa Rang Do Grandmaster Taejoon Lee August 2020 Budo Internation