A Hwarang’s Journey - Chief Instructor Alex Krijger

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A Hwarang’s Journey - Chief Instructor Alex Krijger

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December, 2020
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Alex Krijger is a 4th Dan Hwa Rang Do® Instructor of the Netherlands, who holds the title of Susuk Sabum (Chief Instructor). He is the highest- ranking Hwa Rang Do Instructor in the Netherlands with over 25 years of experience and oversees all the clubs. He is currently a SAP Key User for Total Refinery in Vlissingen, leading a project that affects almost the entire Total organization and its personnel as well as the managing contractors onsite. He is one of the most dedicated and loyal disciples of Founder, Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee and Grandmaster Taejoon Lee.

Hwa Rang Do Dojoonim Dr. Joo Bang Lee & Grandmaster Taejoon Lee's Disciple Alex Krijger December 2020 Budo International