Fighting Strategies and Joint Manipulation

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Fighting Strategies and Joint Manipulation

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September, 2014
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Hwa Rang Do® covers three stages of fighting with the addition of an alternate stage - the one knee position (OKP). Other martial arts specialize in a particular stage or range but Hwa Rang Do® tries to manage all the possible tactical and strategic responses in a real fight. The idea is to be prepared to fight in every kind of real situation.

STAGE I (Kan'Gyok): The quite common initial stage of a real fight is with both you and your opponent standing just outside of striking range. The most important thing to learn here is how to close the distance and quickly use striking, blocking and grabbing/sweeping techniques with both hands and feet. This us ally has to be done with only a slight forward movement..... PDF link below to view full article.

Inst. Marco Mattuicci - Budo International Sept 2014