Being Right Vs. Doing Right (part 2)

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Being Right Vs. Doing Right (part 2)

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October, 2020
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On the opposite spectrum there are the introverted “be-righters”. They use sympathy as a means of controlling others and gaining their favor. At first they are very cautious and careful to be in a relationship with an individual or a group but once accepted, they will overextend themselves to help other people, giving all their time, energy and effort. They avoid voicing their opinion, but listens to others with great intent. Seemingly, they appear to be good students, obedient and helpful, but they are also self-preserving and self-centered as they are highly critical of others. In both cases, when they are under pressure that they’ve created, they blame others, society, situation, condition, God, the external world for all their problems, troubles, hardships, and sufferings, without any sense of accountability. While the extroverted “be-righter” externalizes and lashes out at whatever they are blaming, the introverted “be-righter” internalizes, becoming self-destructive. In both cases they are proven right, they are victimized, people suck, the world sucks, everything sucks! PDF link below to view full article.

Hwa Rang Do Grandmaster Taejoon Lee October 2020 Budo International