Being Right Vs. Doing Right (part 1)

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Being Right Vs. Doing Right (part 1)

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September, 2020
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Recently, a former student after being away for over six years, creating a successful business and now getting married to raise a family has returned to continue his training in the hopes of become a Hwa Rang Do Instructor. He has chosen to do so, realizing that Hwa Rang Do will offer him the best means of being the best version of himself as a husband and a father. He hopes one day he can pass on the benefits of his training to his children. He is also helping me to launch an online platform for me to be able to teach online globally, becoming the first student learning remotely from the East Coast of the United States. In the process of working on the Hwa Rang Do® Global Initiative, he asked me, “What type of students have you seen in your teaching career that succeeds in the Hwa Rang Do Program and what type fails?” I replied that there are no single type of person that succeeds or fails. Many I thought would do well ended up quitting; many whom I felt would not last went on to become good instructors. However, there is a common trait, which I have noticed in teaching and observing students for over forty years, that distinguishes the ones who quit from the ones who persevere. PDF link below to view full article.

Hwa Rang Do Grandmaster Taejoon Lee September 2020 Budo International