2021 WHRDA Summer Events

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HRD Italy's 20th Anniversary
WHRDA Summer Events
Saturday July 3rd to Sunday July 11th
@ Rome, Italy this coming Summer 2021

2 decades ago the Italian branch of the Hwa Rang Do family tree formed its roots under the leadership of Instructor Marco Mattiucci.    This is a significant milestone, as Italy has become one of the biggest strongholds for Hwa Rang Do throughout the world.  The numerous clubs, instructors, and students have embraced the Hwarang spirit and pursue their training with sincere dedication.  In celebration of the people and success of the Italian members, the 2021 WHRDA Summer Events will be located in Rome, Italy!

Specific details related to venue, accommodations, costs, etc are being fine tuned at this time.  We will update this page for more information as soon as it becomes available, however, the dates are locked so mark your calendars now!

COVID may have put a damper on our 2020 Korea Trip plans, however, the world keeps on turning and there is much excitement for the return of the global Hwa Rang Do gathering!  We look forward to seeing you in Rome next summer!


  • World Championship Tournament
  • Special Training Conference with Dojoonim & Kuksanim
  • Teaching & Management Conference
  • Black Sash Exam
  • Celebrations & Banquet
  • Sightseeing in Rome, Italy!

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Saturday July 3rd to Sunday July 11th - 2021