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Welcome to the website!  There are a number of incredible resources for your or your child(ren)'s Hwa Rang Do Training.  Along with online video instruction, we also use this site for our discussion forums, as well as event & membership registrations. 

DIY Grappling Dummies

As online training continues, the need to also practice grappling is important too.  Doing position drills and even some submissions are possible with these DIY grappling dummies. Please see the below videos for tutorials, and make sure you have ready for class time!

Special Message regarding COVID-19

A message from the WHRDA President Grandmaster Taejoon Lee on behalf of Dojoonim and the WHRDA:

To all the Members of the World Hwa Rang Do® Association;

I hope you are well during these challenging times.

As you are all aware by now, the world is faced with a pandemic and we are all affected by it and we as a human race are all in it together.

Online Forums are now open for WHRDA Members

The Online Discussion Forums are now officially open and live for all WHRDA Members.  There are many different categories of discussions available from training to history to teaching.  Depending on your position within Hwa Rang Do additional sections of forums will open up to you based on your role.  For instance there is a section for TGT members, Black Sash members, etc.  The forums are located here = and it should be noted that you must be logged into the website to post and gain access to the various c

Site Now in Final Testing Mode!

Good news everyone!  The development team has made a lot of progress the past couple months and have now entered into final testing mode of the site!  The features are lined up, and just have to find any bugs before we can launch to all of you.