Online Forums are now open for WHRDA Members

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The Online Discussion Forums are now officially open and live for all WHRDA Members.  There are many different categories of discussions available from training to history to teaching.  Depending on your position within Hwa Rang Do additional sections of forums will open up to you based on your role.  For instance there is a section for TGT members, Black Sash members, etc.  The forums are located here = and it should be noted that you must be logged into the website to post and gain access to the various content sections.

Additionally, your WHRDA membership dues must also be in good standing to gain access to the forums (as well as the online video libraries).  To check your status please visit here = and if you are expired or need to purchase for the 1st time various links will appear that will take you to processing pages.

Hope you enjoy the discussions with your fellow brothers & sisters from around the world!