Minneapolis Fall 2023 Release Day Camps

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The Minneapolis Fall 2023 School Day Release Camps Are:

Sept 25: Spy
Have you ever wanted to be a secret agent? Here’s your chance to be one for a day and investigate puzzling mysteries, sleuth your way through laser beam courses, and make your alter ego spy identity. We’ll be doing top secret games and imagination-based activities to bring out your inner spy!

What better way to compliment the sharpening of our curious, and investigative minds, than with an investigation into the sharpening of our physical movements! This camp will focus on Martial Arts Forms, a choreographed sequence of movements designed to train correct body-mechanics, alignment, and efficient motion in a stylized, and theatrical performance. We will be working on both open-hand and weapon forms, see you there!

Oct 18-20: Halloween
Our traditional Halloween camp is back this year! We’ll be doing lots of scary (though not too scary) activities, zombie tag, some festive spooky crafts, and a giant maze. This camp is always a hit so don’t miss out!

Attention ALL Grappling Monsters!
This three-day camp will focus on grappling techniques, drills, and matching. Designed for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and age groups (Junior, Tiger) there will be something new and exciting for all participants to learn!

Nov 3: Mythbusters
In this camp we’ll be exploring some common myths and finding out whether they’re true or not. We’ll have a variety of myths to test, but also be sure to bring your own myths and wonderings as well as your thinking caps. This camp is about experimenting and problem solving. Come ready to let your curiosity run wild!

Are your hands and feet mythical, and legendary? Can you move like a bolt of lightning, and hit the target?? Will your skills echo through the annuls of history???...Your myth has yet to be written, so make sure you’re ready for all of the high velocity learning and action in this sparring intensive! Sparing armor is required for all students that own a set; we will set aside a small amount of sets available for those who do not have. *Mandatory for ALL students who have their own personal set to bring it with them, NO exceptions.

Dec 8: What If?
This day is all about imagination, potential, and possibility! Bring all of your "What if?" questions, absurd and grand alike. What if you could have any superpower? What if there were no gravity? What if you could live to be 1,000 years old? What if you could move mountains? We’ll be doing activities based in imagination and creative play. Join us for this inspiring day!

Hwa Rang Do® is the art of limitless potential, and possibilities, in this camp we will focus on defensive style techniques, joint-lock manipulation, relaxation, and meditation. This will be a deep dive into the principles of anatomy that underlie HRD martial arts technique, and what makes them effective in application.

Highlights & Details:

  • Release day programming runs from 9am – 5pm (drop off available at 8:30am late pickup available until 5:30pm).  Each day is unique so stay tuned to the specific details of each day.

  • For the general public, those kids not already a part of the Tomorrow’s Leading Knights After School program or our regular martial art classes you also get to participate in the all programming and martial art training offered! So, don’t worry if you have never trained before, as everyone is welcome and get a taste of what all the excitement is about! The training on these days will be a seminar type style instead of the daily routine and be packed with a bunch of fun.

  • Snacks ARE provided

  • Lunches are NOT provided – PLEASE PACK A LUNCH FOR YOUR CHILD

  • Supplies & Crafts ARE provided

  • Bring Your Uniform & Belt if already a martial art student (we will have some to lend out for public people without, or you are welcome to purchase your own for $45)

  • Fees are:
    Active Dojang Students = $85 per day
    Other Friends, Family, Public = $95 per day
    (No martial art experience necessary!)

September 25th, 2023 12:00 AM to December 8th, 2023 12:00 AM
Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy
5417 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55419
United States
Phone: 612-824-5425
Event Fee(s)
Active Student Day Selection
Monday Sept 25 $85.00
Wednesday Oct 18th $85.00
Thursday Oct 19th $85.00
Friday Oct 20th $85.00
Friday Nov 3rd $85.00
Friday Dec 8th $85.00
Public Day Selection
Monday Sept 25th $95.00
Wednesday Oct 18th $95.00
Thursday Oct 19th $95.00
Friday Oct 20th $95.00
Friday Nov 3rd $95.00
Friday Dec 8th $95.00
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Event Host Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Branch