WHRDA Digitial Tournament 2022

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The WHRDA Digital Event will be an annual event where we can continue to share knowledge, improve our skills, and stay connected no matter what external forces and boundaries might challenge us. We encourage all of you to participate in this second ever World Hwa Rang Do® Association Digital Championships & Seminars 2022!

Here’s how the tournament works:

Digital Submission: Each competitor can compete in all the divisions that they qualify for depending on their age, sex, and rank - See below for division list or click this link for a PDF OF EVENT DIVISIONS. You must submit a high quality video within the prescribed deadline, before midnight, Wednesday June 1, 2022. Videotape your best performance and upload it following the directions which will be provided after your registration.

Video Criteria:

  • Format - MP4, MOV FILES, AND M4V - High Quality
  • The video must be continuous without editing
  • Must not surpass the required time limit for the individual divisions.
  • The Video Title Screen & File Name must include the Division Number, the exact same first and last name used for Registration, and club/school (the school codes will be provided in final instructions sent after registration)
    • For Example: TW-1-John Smith-Rome

Competition Categories: You can compete in all four divisions

  • Gibon Kwonbop (Basics) - For TSD Little Tigers Only (Ages 3 to 7)
    • Must perform all 4 basics one time on each side
  • Open Hand Forms – Tae Soo Do and Hwa Rang Do Open Hand Forms (2 minute time limit)
  • Weapon Forms - Tae Soo Do and Hwa Rang Do Weapon Forms (2 minute time limit)
  • Self Defense – Five of your best self-defense techniques performed all together without any video editing.
    • It must be self-defense with empty hand counters against only one attacker.  The techniques can be against any type of empty hand/foot/grab attack or against an opponent with weapons (all blade weapons must be dull and cannot be with any live blades).
    • Time limit - 3 minutes
  • Shibum (Demonstration) – Each of the Divisions can be performed by one person or a team up to 8 members
    • Time Limit – 3 minutes
    • Music is optional for this Shibum division only
      • Video Submissions with music – you have 2 options for submission
        • Must Submit two videos – one without music and another with the music playing in the background
        • Must submit two videos – one without music and another with the music added in post-production (edited into the video afterwards)


Remember to make it as dynamic and powerful as possible and for those of you who received Kuksanim's critique last year, make sure to implement the changes to meet the high standard we are aiming for.

The setting and the background is also important so try to film it in the best locations possible.

Remember that it's digital! Film it as many times as possible in order to submit the best performance and strive always for perfection. 

Registration: All registration will be done online. (include Registration Link)

  • Fees: One Division 20€ / $25 each additional €10 / $15
  • Registration Deadline: Midnight Friday, May 27,2022
  • Video Submission Deadline: Midnight Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Winners and Awards: The Winners will be announced on Sunday July 10, 2022 during our Annual Awards and Celebration!

  • The Winners will be chosen by Kuksanim as he will personally review and critique each submission.  Digital Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each divisions.

The Winners Videos will be promoted through our YouTube channel and all social media platforms and will remain on the Hwa Rang Do® YouTube Channel library (So do your best as you will remembered online in perpetuity!)

June 1st, 2022 12:00 AM
Event Registration:
Event Divisions
1 Divisions $25.00
2 Divisions $40.00
3 Divisions $55.00
4 Divisions $70.00
Weapon Forms
TW-1 TSD Juniors Ssang Jyel Bong
TW-2 TSD Juniors Jang Bong
TW-3 TSD Juniors Jang Gum
TW-4 TSD Adult Ssang Jyel Bong
TW-5 TSD Adult Jang Bong
TW-6 TSD Adult Jang Gum
HW-1 HRD Juniors Ssang Jyel Bong
HW-2 HRD Juniors Jang Bong
HW-3 HRD Juniors Jang Gum
HW-4 HRD Adult Ssang Jyel Bong
HW-5 HRD Adult Jang Bong
HW-6 HRD Adult Jang Gum
HW-7 HRD Black Sash Women
HW-8 HRD Black Sash Men
Open Hand Forms or Tiger Basics
KB-1 Little Tigers Basics Beginners
KB-2 Little Tigers Basics Intermediate
KB-3 Little Tigers Basics Advanced
TF-1 TSD Juniors Beginner
TF-2 TSD Juniors Intermediate
TF-3 TSD Juniors Advanced
TF-4 TSD Women Beginner
TF-5 TSD Women Intermediate
TF-6 TSD Women Advanced
TF-7 TSD Men Beginner
TF-8 TSD Men Intermediate
TF-9 TSD Men Advanced
HF-1 HRD Juniors Beginner
HF-2 HRD Juniors Intermediate
HF-3 HRD Juniors Advanced
HF-4 HRD Women Beginner
HF-5 HRD Women Intermediate
HF-6 HRD Women Advanced
HF-7 HRD Men Beginner
HF-8 HRD Men Intermediate
HF-9 HRD Men Advanced
HF-10 HRD Black Sash Women
HF-11 HRD Black Sash Men
TS-1 TSD Juniors Beginner
TS-2 TSD Juniors Intermediate
TS-3 TSD Juniors Advanced
TS-4 TSD Women Beginner
TS-5 TSD Women Intermediate
TS-6 TSD Women Advanced
TS-7 TSD Men Beginner
TS-8 TSD Men Intermediate
TS-9 TSD Men Advanced
HS-1 HRD Juniors Beginner
HS-2 HRD Juniors Intermediate
HS-3 HRD Juniors Advanced
HS-4 HRD Women Beginner
HS-5 HRD Women Intermediate
HS-6 HRD Women Advanced
HS-7 HRD Men Beginner
HS-8 HRD Men Intermediate
HS-9 HRD Men Advanced
HS-10 HRD Black Sash Women
HS-11 HRD Black Sash Men
SB-1 TSD Juniors
SB-2 TSD Teens & Adults
SB-3 HRD Juniors
SB-4 HRD HRD Teens & Adults
SB-5 Mixed Team (All Ages & Ranks)
SB-6 HRD Black Sash
Event Host Location
Event Host Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters