Minneapolis 2020 Spring Release Days

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Get ready for some awesome School Release Day Camps at the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy this Spring 2020!

Can sign up for individual or multiple days, but make sure to be ready for some great focused training on important topics!

February 17th: Coding Day & Long Staff

Martial Arts Focus: Long-staff
The Martial Arts Focus for this release day camp will be working with the long staff. We’ll be focusing on fundamental spinning, striking, and blocking techniques for all levels. More advanced users will have a chance to learn some new tricks to add to their repertoire and beginners will leave with an understanding of basic techniques. After building up these skills everyone will have the opportunity to make their own creative form!

Theme Description: This is an introductory camp to get the kids thinking like a computer programmer. We’re going to deconstruct the computer languages without electricity to help understand what it means to code and run a program. We’ll play some fun games and engage in some awesome activities that will simulate what it’s like to run our very own programs. Come to this camp if you enjoy learning how computers and technology work together!

Pixel Painter in the Morning and/or binary bracelet making. Afternoon will be a coding game on the mat.

February 18th: Space Camp & Sparring

Martial Arts Focus: Sparring
In this camp we will gear up and put our skills to the test in several rounds of sparring matches. We will focus on improving footwork and general fighting sense, not only finding the right openings but taking advantage of them with appropriate counter-attacks. These skills will enhance the students’ ability to approach a variety of sparring situations and will improve their techniques for any challenge.

Theme Description: BLAST OFF!! Do you have an interest in the stars and solar system? Come to this camp to get an out-of-this-world experience with space! We’ll take a look at rocket engines, planets, stars, and galaxies, so join us for a journey through the stars by designing the best rocket and seeing how it flies. Once we have our rockets built, we’ll explore the different planets in our solar system by building some awesome planet models.


March 27th: Culinary Camp & Strength Training

Martial Arts Focus: Strength and Conditioning
To start out our spring break camps we will focus on getting our bodies ready for the challenges ahead. Strength building and condition training is essential to get ourselves physically ready for the difficult tasks that we, as martial artists, must perform throughout our practice. By the end of this camp, we will help the students by creating their own fitness routines to continue practicing and improving outside of the Dojang.

Theme Description: Ready for a food frenzy? We’ll be learning how to make some basic dishes and desserts in this no bake culinary class! Join in on the delicious fun and learn how to read and understand recipes, mix ingredients, and eat your delicious creations!

March 30th: Survival Camp & Self-Defense

Martial Arts Focus: Self Defense
Self-defense may seem like just a physical discipline, but learning when and where to use these skills is just as necessary as the skills themselves. This camp will prioritize practical skills and where to apply them in real life situations. Having confidence and the ability to stand up for yourself in a conflict situation is an extremely important skill to have, and we will be helping to build this strength throughout the camp.

Theme Description: If you liked (or missed out on) our most popular summer camp, you’ll absolutely love this special edition of our survival skills camp! In this one-day survival adventure, we’ll learn emergency carries, first aid, and some more knot-tying! These skills are as fun to learn as they are practical, and could potentially be lifesaving in case of an emergency.

March 31st: Korea Camp & Swords

Martial Arts Focus: Swords!
Everybody in this camp will get the opportunity to learn the way of the sword. Sword fighting was used a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, and a warrior’s ability to properly wield a sword literally made the difference between living and dying. Focusing on strict and precise movements, this weapon takes a lot of discipline to use effectively. Make sure to bring your face shields as we will get in plenty of match time!

Theme Description: Did you know that Hwa Rang Do is founded from an 1800-year-old tradition? Come to this camp to learn about the history of Hwa Rang Do and its country of origin (Korea), while engaging in fun cultural experiences from past to present. Don’t worry if history isn’t your thing; we’ll be exploring modern day Korea as well!

April 1st: Slime Science Camp & Grappling Fundamentals

Martial Arts Focus: Grappling Fundamentals
This camp is for all experience levels! We will work on locking down our grappling skills by reviewing positions, escapes, reversals, and transitions. It will be a great opportunity to fill in any gaps of knowledge for our experienced grapplers, while covering all the basics for beginners and getting in some much needed drills and match time for everyone.

Theme Description: Get ready to get messy and creative at this unique spin on learning about science. We won’t just be looking at chemical reactions, but we’ll be making them too! In this camp we’ll create a variety of slimes using different materials. We’ll also be making colorful oobleck to challenge the meaning of solids and liquids.  If slime is your thing and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, then this will be the perfect camp for you!

April 2nd: Engineering Camp & Submissions

Martial Arts Focus: Grappling Submissions
Submission grappling when done in a safe environment is a great way to show that technique trumps size and strength when it comes to a physical match. This camp will not only teach students how to perform some of the more difficult joint locks and chokes, but how to defend against them as well.  This is a must-have for submission grappling fanatics!

Theme Description: Simple machines, pullies, gears, complex problem solving, and math are all things engineers use every day to help design, create, and build awesome solutions to everyday problems. In this camp, we’ll be taking on an engineering role to solve some problems of our own, so get your thinking caps on and join us!

April 3rd: Game Day & Tournament

Martial Arts Focus: Tournament Day!
To finish off our spring break we will have a tournament to give everyone the chance to show off the moves they have learned throughout the week, and put their improved skills to the test. With a three-part sparring, grappling, and sword fighting finale, everyone will have a blast with this awesome end to the week-long activities at the Dojang.

Theme Description: For our last day of the spring break series, we’ll be closing out the week with some group game challenges. In the morning, we’ll have a series of team challenges to develop leadership and teamwork skills in some fun and engaging activities. In the afternoon, we’ll be focusing on the individual strengths through playing independent games in the game room. If you like a challenge, then this camp is for you!

February 17th, 2020 12:00 AM   through   April 3rd, 2020 12:00 AM
Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy
5417 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55419
United States

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Phone: 612-824-5425
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